Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

The Department miniatures scale comparision

Hi all,
two weeks ago some new minis from the Department became available.  An aggressive 3,50 BP including worldwide shipping for 6 excellent minis! I was so excited when I got them that I had to take some pics immediately.

Here with a Rebel and a GZG mini.

Khurasan and Rebel... and The Scene. Size looks ok for being more a human replica instead of a killing machine.


To me the investigators look sharp. Superb detail. The artificials are a bit weaker but still very good.
Hope they'll produce more soon as this is a great addition to our 15mm scifi world.



  1. Thanks for posting those comparison shots! got my ones a week ago and I'm planning on doing some work on them this weekend.

  2. They look really nicely proportioned for 15mm scale

  3. Very nice proportions! What I'm looking forward to most though, is more domestic robots. And that one with the knife is exciting all sorts of ideas.

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