Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

Man Against The Machine IX

This was another short one. After downing the mech there were no PEF's left so the attack mission was over.  If that rocket launcher had missed I think this would have turned out in another disaster. 
Even if short this was another great game. 5150 SA is a great improvement compared to the old military rules in 5150 Book 1.

Thanks for reading!


Samstag, 6. August 2011

Man Against The Machine VIII

The next mission I did (with 5150 SA) I took pics. The patrol didn't go so well to say at least ;(
But see yourself...

Yes, life isn't easy in 5150. After this I played two more patrol missions. Prayers to the dice gods and using grenades brought me the victory I needed. Mission7 was my first attack mission and even if the enemy had some nasty bunkers on the table I just had another success. I will take pics of mission 8 and continue my batreps here soon.


Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Finally gaming again! 5150 SA rocks!

The move to my new apartment is done and the last two days I had the time to test  
After almost 5 years Ed from THW started updating the original 5150 rules. 5150 SA is only the first book. It's all about sci-fi military action. Yes, the whole book! When we had maybe 10-20 pages about stiff military stuff in 5150, now in 5150 SA it's almost 100 pages. Everything smoothed out in game mechanics. Making it faster. The campaign rules now are more versatile but still easy.

So I had my first 3 missions. You start with a 8 man squad on patrol mission. I just finished painting my sahadeens and had to put them in the game as rebels.
These are the survivors after 2 successfully and 1 unsuccessfully patrol mission.

My Titanmarines were the enemy. Here I used the Star Army QRS. During the game these had reinforcments. A medium Tank! Not having such a beast in my collection I rushed over to my old battletech stuff searching for some kind of walker somehow suitable for my 15's. I wanted something reasonable sized and not too overloaded with weapons. No easy task with that 6mm stuff. I chose a Kuritan Katana. 
 Forgive the old paintjob. Maybe one day I'll repaint it.

I know it's one of the more ugly mechs out there, but it did the job. 2 heavy beam weapons, well protected with BTA armor.

The game was a blast and I can highly recommend it. Especially for solo gamers.

Thanks for reading! 
and keeping me motivated.