Samstag, 6. August 2011

Man Against The Machine VIII

The next mission I did (with 5150 SA) I took pics. The patrol didn't go so well to say at least ;(
But see yourself...

Yes, life isn't easy in 5150. After this I played two more patrol missions. Prayers to the dice gods and using grenades brought me the victory I needed. Mission7 was my first attack mission and even if the enemy had some nasty bunkers on the table I just had another success. I will take pics of mission 8 and continue my batreps here soon.



  1. I'm definitely learning to spread my figures out. My first Star Army game ended with both friendly and enemy forces getting wiped out by a single Mortar Barrage event.

  2. The need for sound tactics and a spread-out squad are the hallmarks of 2hr Wargames it seems.
    So are you liking the changes to 5150 brought in with Star Army? Your enthusiasm is contagious!

  3. Yes, I do like these rules! They are greatly written with lots of examples. For military scifi the rules changes make the game fluider and faster.

  4. Great stuff! The two new 5150 rules both seem pretty interesting. I'm considering getting back in.