Samstag, 30. April 2011


As young as my blog is I was really flattered when I saw the nomination on Firebase Spartan. Thanks for that Spartan 117!!!

Now I sat here for 2 hours preparing this post. I was almost finished. I even had 10 nominees, even if most were already multiple nominees. Then a friend called and while talking nonsenses on the phone I idiotically closed my firefox window. Now forgive me that I don't  feel like rewriting the whole stuff.
There are really many nice blogs out there. Just look at the blogs I like on the right column.
I prefere now using my very limited hobby time for the hobby itself. Hope you all understand this.



  1. Just had a thought, if you go to edit posts it may still be there under drafts.

  2. I tried but there were no drafts. Thanks. After using computers for almost half of my life I feel like a real idiot failing in such a way.