Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

New Batrep coming soon...

Finally had my first game this year and took lots of pics. So we will have a new batrep soon.
Here a little teaser:


  1. Cool! Looking forward to reading it. That's a nice looking house in the first pic. Is that a new one? I don't remember seeing it before.

  2. The buildings are all from an old H0-train stuff lot I bought very cheap from ebay. They weren't in the best condition but still good enough to do the job for me ;)

  3. Hello!
    Nice AAR!!
    Me too, I was hit by the houses, quite in scale with 15 mm (and it is not always true for HO stuff... do you remember who makes them?

  4. Hi Space Explorer, I'm sorry but I even looked at it to see if there is any markings where that building is coming from. No signs nothing. As I said I bought them already built, in not so good shape on ebay. It was I think 8 or 10 houses for about 10 Euro. Not all where as good in scale but I still use them all.