Samstag, 19. März 2011

Some 15mm characters

Hi all,
recently there was some discussion on TMP about 15mm characters being available. Here are some I was able to collect.

We start with the Khurasan Miniatures Predator ...

then there is the THW Girl with her Grath bodyguard from Highlander Studios ...

Veteran Zombie Killers! Ash and his chainsaw swinging buddy coming from The Scene

Milla ready to chop some zombo head also from Highlander Studios

More from Highlander Studios. Some friendly neighbours, always ready to help when you're in trouble...

Our favorite Cpt. Reynolds and some of his crew from GZG...

and the last one is the Daywalker, again from Highlander Studios against a she-wolf (see the boobies right?) from Rebel Minis

All of them needed very little or no work to clean up and were a joy to paint.

I hope to get some game-time the next days, shoot some pics and a new batrep online. I already have a starting plot in mind. Sure with 5150 you never know how a situation will evolve...

Thanks for reading and I hope, even if very simple paintjobs, you enjoyed some time reading this.
Cheers, Al


  1. That looks like a lot of fun there Mr. Puali!
    You have the Blade that Rod did too?
    That bastard needs to send me one!

  2. Yes, it's really a nice mini. My lousy paintjob does not do it any justice. I tried to do some highlights but then it looked to grey so painted it black again.

  3. Black is not easy to paint in any scale.

  4. Nice job. Those are some great minis. You did some nice paint jobs, too. Blade, Milla, Predator, great choices.

  5. Great selection of characters!
    Not seen the Highlander Miniatures before gonna have to check them out.
    And I love those cartoon AAR's

  6. Hi Brutpaul, nice figures, I really like the predator, I hve 6 in my stash, wish they would make enough poses to make an army.

  7. As much as I know there is a second sculpt available from Khurasan.